Mr Rex's Zealous Adventure

Developed by DynoStorm

"The bar has been raising very significantly."
-Lake Feperd

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Demo a26. Filesize is approximately 145MB.

"I dont know what im playing rn or why im playing this but for some unknow reason i have fun'' Its weird af but at the same time fun"


'Mr Rex's Zealous Adventure' is a currently in development Video Game. The fast-paced space dinosaur adventure!
British games developer and animator DynoStorm is working on this largely as a solo project.

The Story

Mr Rex's Zealous Adventure is a fast-paced platformer where space dinosaurs battle aliens at mach 2. Mr Rex is a T-Rex who recieves a message from the past to 'Find the Truth'. He meets a time travelling raptor, a psychic and a family of T-Rex space mercenaries. They head out on a zealous space adventure, they uncover the inter-galactic conspiracy and shoot to retake the galactic thrown from satanic aliens.

The Game

Land on the planet...
run around at 200 MPH in this fast paced, 360 degree momentum based platformer then launch to Mach 2 in a bullet hell shmup seamlessly taking fight to the flight! Obliterate the adversity with Mr Rex's mane frame super weapon and battle other bizarre mane frame users.
Immerse yourself in the epic story and cutscenes or speedrun the game at full speed with no fluff! The control is all yours.

"The dark and gritty melodrama of the plot will always be hilarious when juxtaposed by the giant bobbing dinosaur portraits."